Urgent, a destroyed bus finish hit the folks, a great number of harm inside of front of the shopping mall, loud, rustling!

Bus end inside of entrance of Central Earth Harmed, fell upon a great number of Those people injury Through acquiring that the purpose was destroyed down May possibly be triggered by means of rust upon the pole

On Sept. Eleven, reporters reported that there was an accidental bus finish inside of front of Central Entire world, Rajdamri Street, Pathumwan, Pathumwan, collapsed on almost 10 Those track record inside the Place waiting for a auto, primarily injured. Innumerable Some Those couldn’t work away. Creating the sign in direction of slide over the whole Which the pillar was designed by way of Bangkok

The reporter extra claimed that At the bus stop’s pole is a L-shaped steel body with the foundation of the pole inside a rusted nation. Developing it unattainable in direction of continue to keep the excess weight of the bus end And collapsed on individuals waiting for the bus within the Room