Tik Write-up Clip of Nong Wiji-Sornram I identified a punishment. If your centre is destroyed, then go die.

Tik Article Clip of Nong Wiji-Sornram I found out a punishment. If your heart is destroyed, by yourself will die. Mom contains handed the check of your mind inside the social earth. Take all suggestions

Soon after the youthful celebrity Soraram declared his break up and broke up with his ex-wife Tikkanitrin by way of the motive that the woman arrived toward accept against the debt difficulty that she was addicted in the direction of on the web gambling In direction of the actuality of consuming in direction of offer the kid’s gold

Data of the couple’s divorce way too learned six agreements, a single of which outlined that The divorced few has been married for 2 years and includes a person child, Vijitepitak. Within just the custody of the man divorce several

Recently Tik Kanitarin revealed a clip of the previous relatives. In the course of Sornram who was preserving Viji within just the vehicle And Tik attempted in the direction of convey Nong Viji Still Nong Wiji refused. With a caption that

“If your middle is bad .. yourself go die tick Viji .. be an encouragement towards mom way too At present, I have handed the check of my intellect within just the social earth. Mom accepts every impression. Can be the two Terrific and poor Open up your brain towards study comments For superior advice Toward adapt in direction of daily life The mom can be punished with a curse. Mother’s center is not sparrow Mom is well prepared toward do every thing. Within just get towards deliver back pleasure Together with this once again .. started to act as a new unique. It is an encouragement towards mother .. son ”

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