Thousands of millions lost! Superstar mom cries for being bogus, signature, Give of healthcare gloves sent exterior

Mae Have on Theerathada, a famed superstar, screams at the crime suppression section, says toward depict the clinical glove delivery company shipped abroad Billions of damages

At A person:00 pm upon September Fourteen at the Suppression Section (BMA) Mrs. Hathai Thep Thirathada, age 76, President of Utani Enterprise Thailand Co., Ltd., mother of Mr. Panutat Thirathada or Have on Theerathada, earlier well known actor With a legal professional Traveled toward meet up with Lt. Lt. Colonel Boontiva Limsirilak, Deputy Top rated Minister, looking into KG. 1. BOT toward short article prosecutions versus a community of All those forging the company’s signature and seal. In the direction of impersonate a distributor Until eventually the small business contains been destroyed

Hathai Thep mentioned that prior to, there was a community of people in america. That incorporate forged their company’s signature and seal Which do office environment inside exporting rubber clinical gloves towards international nations around the world Which incorporates been applied falsely toward develop credibility that Depict the company And equipped in direction of Give gloves in the direction of expert services within just overseas nations around the world that need to have a large amount of items

Hathai Thep said that she insisted that he experienced hardly ever authorised any other business enterprise or unique. Symbolizing or advertising the company’s merchandise inside of any direction The phase wreaked havoc upon their small business. Mainly because they notice that there are lots of These who are certain to acquire rubber gloves with Individuals classes importance billions of baht Rather, the rubber gloves of other companies had been sent as an alternative. Some of them did not obtain the material as acquired as well. Hence mentioned to the Sheriff Office in direction of question information inside of prosecuting these types of types as perfectly

Initially, the investigate officer puzzled the sufferer as evidence. Right before sending the make a difference to the supervisor for extra awareness and purchase