The accused of the “Insulting Luk Prayut” case opens his face! Basically inquiring questions in direction of consist of to report?

The accused of “Insulting Luk Prayut” acknowledged the allegation at Nang Loeng police station immediately after being notified of prosecution. Defamation foundation retaliates precisely asking queries in excess of arrest?

Nowadays (14 September) at Nangleng Law enforcement Station, versus the case of Ms. Thanya Chan-o-cha and Ms. Nittha Chan-ocha, daughter of Overall Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, incorporate accepted the lawyer to continue Felony with those who report and share Within just social media, which include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and so forth., such as the media

Or other community elements The dissemination of fake material, insults, accusations, risks and defamation, accuses the daughters of the two prime minister’s names and surnames. Toward escape the case in a luxurious mansion within England And supporting his father launder dollars, which is a cheating Devoid of proof and baseless

Throughout the retain the services of of hashtags inside of Twitter. “Finding Prayut’s son” on August 23 the very last It damages reputation, honor, ancestry, and is a violation of specific rights. Really serious defamation The prosecution was brought in opposition to far more than 100 Twitter posts and social media accounts on September 2.

At Ten.00 am at Nang Loeng Police Station The amount of summons issued through 7 people today met Pol. Lt. Col. Atich Donnanchai, Deputy Director Overall (Investigation), Nang Loeng, in direction of recognize the allegations below the summons for defamation as a result of advertising and the offenses down below Computer system Act 2017, organized toward offer proof in the direction of the inquiry formal The latter consists of released and commented upon the Best Minister’s daughter case.

Initially, all summons issued, jointly with a attorney upwards, testified in the direction of the inquiry official on the 2nd surface on factors identical toward messages published upon social media. Such as the resource of written content In the direction of come across the assets and information of this sort of information And issues That the hurt unique contains already explained Ready to inform the allegations Which referred towards comprise the straight to refuse or Deliver any phase

Later, at One particular:00 PM, Ms. Amorn Phaksri Bunchai, Forty eight, stated he experienced denied all the allegations. Although he received a summons, he was impressed. Hence arrived to give proof in direction of the law enforcement Which they do not don’t forget sharing any messages or posts concerning #Looking for young children Prayut or not, given that a prolonged period consists of passed. I keep in mind basically viewing throughout Given that a single day he contains a great number of errands Inside which toward satisfy this season The law enforcement were being not capable in the direction of perspective if they shared or released everything illegal.

Mr. Supakorn (reserve the last name) claimed He was subpoenaed for defamation as a result of advertising. The moment commenting upon content more than #Finding the little ones Prayut Demanded to have a ton of Those people commenting or sharing. Which was finished out of knowing

I really should apologize towards accusing the grievance until eventually the destruction They incorporate no accurate intentions. And do not require other men and women towards proportion it back again because it will lead to divisions inside of society Which the police fulfilled back again upon October A person in just purchase in the direction of hand more than the case in direction of the prosecutor

Ms. Supaporn Phosri claimed we were subpoenaed for the offenses less than Laptop or computer Act With defamation prices Nevertheless after he was signed towards understand the allegations, he was simply just mindful of defamation. Inside this case, he commented upon a report with regards to the manipulation of property of Gen. Prayut Toward two daughters in accordance towards the real news or not

Together with exactly where are the 2 Why did by yourself not clarify your identity? Confirming that there is no defamation goal, it is exactly inquiring issues, I realize that Gen. Prayut Is a public determine Why had in the direction of protect against himself toward threaten minimal people Then they did not receive possibly methods and were subjected in the direction of a subpoena. During the allegations, they refuse in opposition to this, the lawyer will crank out a letter of explanation towards the inquiry official in just the up coming stage.

Lt. Col. Atich Donnanchai, Deputy Director (Investigation), Nang Loeng Provincial Law enforcement Station, explained that the law enforcement in the beginning issued a summons towards realize all Thirteen allegations, presently Eight us citizens have been learned towards deny Six men and women. There was merely one particular confessor. The other law enforcement set aside as witnesses Anytime he had finished his testimony in direction of the looking into officer, he was produced back again due to the fact it was a visit below the summons