Sornram printed a clip of Nong Wiji, owing for viewing the tag towards tick the suspicious person who entered.

The very first clip, the daughter just after the young Soraram, revealed a divorce certificate, announced the breakup, Tik Big Brother, the ex-wife who arrived out toward cry open her centre toward admit the mistake. Obtain into debt and gamble And post an apology towards absolutely everyone. Not too long ago, Sonaram published a clip of Nong Viji even though ingesting a beloved dish.

Tagged with AIG in the direction of tick with the caption “Omelet … favored point. Veeji thank oneself towards all people who enjoys it.” Be sort and contain mercy. With respect in the direction of me #End the floor nevertheless can fly # STVeeji # saveveeji @ mama.veeji @veeji_theappitak @sornramfanclub ”

In just the midst of a lot of feed-back Some advised the father that “This little one is not addicted towards mother but. Consume comprehensive, slumber, incorporate toys, joyful. Preventing Single Dad “while other individuals commented on suspicion that “Who feeds it for your self?”, “Is it your mom?”

Although humans commented that “I puzzled a large amount I would including toward pay back back again. (You can uncover it chaotic, hahahaha) The coach is the just one who feeds it. The mentor includes Two people in america. P’Porn and P’Ai recognize all about each other. End. Carried out. We fc as nicely.