Leader photographer Unbearable news clues Uncle Phon resigned loudly, apologizing for rot

The intellect photographer of the renowned channel announces his resignation soon after staying unable in direction of bear the news. Uncle Phon apologizes for the corruption that incorporates been submitted towards lifestyle. Settle for, are not able to obey

On September Nine, the reporter said that Head photographer at a television set station He posted a message for the duration of his particular person Facebook webpage pertaining to the news of Nong Chompoo’s Uncle Phon or Mr. Chai Phonwipa, which is staying talked with regards to upon social media, declaring that “Sorry for the corrupt situation Uncle Phol, Aunt Tan and Ban Kok Kok from the fingers of the media which include us, which consist of been offered towards society for the past Four months.

I contain constantly helped as the leader information photographer for a person of the Television set stations that introduced this information. I have been working in this article for Six many years due to the fact the initial day of broadcasting. Until finally these days, I may well not endure what happened and decided in direction of stroll out.

From the death of Nong Chompoo That was provided via a group of push and “I am a single of them” contributed towards the truth of the matter that 1 lawsuit grew to become the life of Uncle Phon-Pa Than. The reality of the rift of a relatives life within just the village of Kokok. Black magic, superstition and drunkenness “We offer every day news” “We are not shy” “We are not right” “We are unethical” is what lifestyle asks. And it really is all instantly

We show a tale that is much versus what it ought to contain been until the conclude of the world-wide. Consider usefulness and allow the neighborhood of All those who need to have the convenience towards it appear in the direction of the brink. “We need to have the style And will need only the number of viewers, likes, shares, “some human beings guard that what transpired Media which includes me Created towards meet the desire of the individuals inside tradition. Or assisting Two villagers in direction of incorporate a superior lifetime

It truly is actually not specifically that. It truly is all rewards. Let’s only acknowledge that “we” is the secret aspect.
And it was the commencing of all this distortion. Since we are as a result hungry for scores, “Rating” is every little thing, “Rating” is the determinant of no matter if yourself are inside or out, and “Rating” gets an justification. That results in absolutely sure categories of folks do nearly anything To acquire

I am the 1 who usually understands the reviews that are created and made available on the display. And often inquiring myself “What are we carrying out?” “It’s not a phenomenon. It’s not a novelty, it’s not a thing.

Today, I am reminded of myself as one of the cogs that brought about all of this. And striving towards restore almost everything, yet finally, “I give up upon the distortion And admit that he could not protest Or difference something that transpires in opposition to the source ”

Nearly anything goes on For causes of recruiting I am sorry for all that happened. And be expecting that as soon as the event ends Either we and some audiences should really learn some lessons in opposition to this tale. And let’s not expect that what transpired is the full envision of the “press”. I insist that in a condition wherever there are a lot of aspects that are confronted,

These days there are continue to media close friends Who try out in the direction of do their duty Work the media as it should really be the simplest. I thank and inspire the media mates who continue to stand up and act properly, ”the poster incorporates signed. With hashtags # ban the method very first # ban uncle pon