“Brianin” confessed, carried, killed, burned the brother of the decide. Gown up within entrance of the courtroom.

“Brianin” confessed, carried, killed, burned the brother of the choose. Dress up, police, enthusiasm toward brutal phase Toward negotiate a situation Referring toward the anger of the judge Depress The court docket manufactured numerous witnesses of witnesses inside of Oct.

On September 14, at the Legal Court docket, the scenario of corruption and misconduct inside the heart of Nakhon Chai Si Street, the court docket generated a witness analysis. The situation of putting on and killing the older brother The earlier owner of the share transfer circumstance, Sia Chuwong, Black No. 69/2020 that the General public Prosecutor of the Anti-Corruption Circumstance Business office Three is the plaintiff, filed a lawsuit in opposition to Pol. Manus Thimthim, age 67, Mr. Narongsak Pomchan, 48 decades previous, Mr. Chatchai Menthakul, 31 decades outdated, Mr. Prachawit or Thonsrithongsuk, 33 a long time old, and Pol. Thongchai or Sor Aod. Vajesatja, all Sixty three yrs previous, domiciled in Nakhon Sawan Province, defendants 1-6

Within 9 offenses of conspiracy in direction of eliminate other individuals inside of purchase to disguise their other offenses or toward avert the felony offenses dedicated via them. Less than the Prison Code (P.O.), Aspect 289, the base alongside one another detains or detains any unique inside buy towards obtain the ransom. Producing the personal in direction of be taken toward dying, Element 309, 313, a joint foundation for detention, detention, triggering many others in direction of demise, Portion 310, a joint base for coercing officers to act unlawfully via violence. By way of collectively committing an offense of 3 or additional folks, Part 139, One hundred forty, the base is a guerrilla By conspiring towards invest an offense punishable by way of the death penalty. Section 210, the base together makes an attempt towards co-influence some others. To commit any act by means of jointly committing an offense of 5 or excess persons. Aspect 213

Foundation collectively, concealed Wipe out the corpse to cover loss of life and lead to of dying, Portion 199, the foundation collectively acts upon the corpse ahead of the autopsy is detailed in the direction of conceal the scenario. According towards the Criminal Procedure Code (P.Wi.io) Section A hundred and fifty bis, the base collectively identifies himself as an official and acts as an formal, Component A hundred forty five, together with Section 33, 80, Eighty three, Ninety one, 92 and far too submitted The initially defendant charged with Lt. Pol. Lt. Colonel Blairin, charged with Ten foundation putting on a uniform or adorning the mark of an formal Toward create many others realize that they contain a straight and in direction of put on a police uniform without the straight in direction of make investments a crime. Element 146.

The Prosecutor of the Anti-Corruption Litigation Business office Three submitted a lawsuit in opposition to all six defendants on May possibly 18, 2020, the 2-6 defendants ended up retained within just a special Bangkok felony. For Mr. Narongsak, the 3rd defendant, pleaded guilty all through the allegations As a result of the defendant’s legal professional at A few Ask to put up a testimony on the date of the assessment. Pol. Lt. Col. Bryin, the initial defendant, is at this time separated into the Bang Kwang Central Prison. The moment information of Ideas in the direction of escape from prison and consider hostages.

As a result of currently, an appointment is geared up in the direction of look at evidence and set a conference date

In accordance toward the courtroom fixed the day for the evaluation of witnesses that the plaintiff and the 6 defendants cited in just the proceedings report dated Twenty five June 2020 considering the fact that the defendant No. 1,Two,4,Five filed a contemporary testimony as a result of the first defendant. Mr Brian filed a ask for withdrawing the initial testimony that consists of been denied in the course of the allegations. As in direction of confess According towards the testimony dated 19 Aug 2020 that the very first defendant had virtually triggered the trigger inside of this case

Within just collaboration with the third defendant prepared applications such as oil, tires, zinc, brick and block for the cremation of Mr. Wirachai Sakunta Prasert Via bringing the said unit in the direction of the scene exactly where Mr. Wirachai cremated the physique At Khao Bai Mai, Takhli District, Nakhon Sawan Province, upon February 2, 2020, these kinds of preparations would which include in direction of catch Mr. Wirachai toward force Threatening and negotiating the scenario with Skip Nida Sakunta Prasert Joint plaintiffs inside of this situation Who is the decide who viewed as the legal situation amount Black No. 305/2561 of the Southern Bangkok Legal Court docket.

The to start with defendant intends in the direction of deliver Mr. Wirachai to detention at the Space used for the election marketing campaign. Which is discovered in Takhli District And if immediately after arresting Mr. Wirachai and imprisoned Negotiation and coercion with Ms. Panida have been unsuccessful. In which Ms. Panida did not comply with the needs, the To start with defendant could have to get rid of Mr. Wirachai and cremate the physique upon February 4, 2020. Da Kan scene In order in the direction of be detained and negotiated with Ms. Panida By way of taking Mr. Wirachai in the direction of his residence in Takhli district Throughout the trip, Mr. Wirachai struggled toward resist detention despite the fact that sitting in just the again seat with the 4th and Fifth defendants, the 3rd defendant who sat in the entrance still left. Became towards punch Mr. Wirachai Inside of purchase towards conclude struggling Producing Mr. Wirachai in direction of die

Inspite of the negotiation with Ms Panida, the 1st defendant permitted that he had connected with the third defendant to pursue Mr. Virachai and Ms Panida through the 7th, 8th, Twelfth. , Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, 17 and Twenty Jan 2020, correct and permitted as remaining with the 3rd towards Fifth defendant
Detained Mr. Wirachai from the front of the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court by way of the first defendant inside of police uniform and was the driver of a Toyota motor vehicle. With the 3rd defendant sitting inside of the entrance seat upon the left aspect of the driver and the 4th and 5th defendant sitting down inside the back seat of the said auto In the direction of detain Mr. Wirachai For the duration of detention Mr. Wirachai was on the motor vehicle and though guiding, there ended up three phone calls created toward Mr. Wirachai’s phone, the third defendant spoke in the direction of the unique at the stop of the line. While the 1st defendant drove to the intersection of Suphanburi Province Which contains passed from Bang Bua Thong intersection Parked the auto to urinate, adopted by a 3rd defendant while outside the car or truck Mr Wirachai’s mobile phone rang, the third defendant answered the cell phone and talked in the direction of the caller.